About us

Throughout the history, human differences have been the subject of various prejudices, oppression, hatred and also large-scale conflicts, whether those concerning the form or those concerning the content. Even today we face different forms of prejudice, oppression, hatred, rejection and intolerance towards diversity, and most often, towards weaker and more vulnerable members of society. The system is facing challenges in terms of capacity and infrastructure to provide adequate assistance to all vulnerable and disadvantaged social groups. But, even if it would have the adequate infrastructure, it is necessary to raise awareness among society members about important issues. Those important issues imply social inclusion, civic engagement for the well-being of the local (and global) community, especially regarding the mentioned issues, and also relatively new, but nevertheless global – ecological problem, that does not bypass any community, wherever and however large.

Our organisation has been founded bearing in mind precisely these mentioned goals – our focus includes, accordingly, related topics of social inclusion and volunteering, civic activism and the importance of tolerance and nonviolence, and above all ecology as a theme that integrates all of the mentioned. We want to reach our goals, related to the focus of our interest, through the organization of trainings, workshops and seminars focused on waste management, ecology, human rights and the like.

Our main goal is to contribute to environmental awareness through local activities that will involve the most vulnerable members of society, from the elderly, retired, homeless, disabled in any way, children, but also all interested citizens of Rijeka (as well as any other part of the Planet).

A special emphasis will be placed on promoting environmental awareness and eco-activism by engaging the most vulnerable members of society to participate, and enabling them to acquire new skills and create new items made of the waste reuse, through creative socializing, learning and workshops. This immediate goal is extremely important to us because of its direct and visible impact on the local community.

If you have recognized your interest in these goals, contact us. Anyone can attend workshops, trainings, and waste management campaigns. Contribute to this wonderful story!