The most important part of our organisation is the activities that we carry out. Through our activities, we strive to fulfill our purpose and reach our goals. These goals imply contributing to the development of local community through raising environmental awareness, waste reduction, reuse & recycle, social inclusion of marginal groups, implementing projects focused on employment of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, developing creativity, various trainings that will serve as a tool for gaining knowledge & competences necessary for the labot market.


Our organisation is focused on the following activities:

  • Providing education in the field of:
    • Human rights, civic engagement, social inclusion, democracy & cultural dialogue.
    • Ecology, environmental awareness, waste management.
  • Participation at various events that cover the topic of human rights, civic engagement, ecology, waste management, climate.
  • Organisation of seminars, panel discussions & trainings.
  • Organisation of workshops focused on reuse & recycling of different type of waste.
  • Organisation of group community/neighborhood cleanings

Activities we have organized

Paper upcycling workshops with homeless people

We all occasionally buy an ornamental item that beautifies our home and makes it warmer, dearer and more beautiful to us. Who hasn’t bought an interior decoration item at least once in their life? However, today, in the time of mass production, generic and cloned products, it is difficult to find something authentic, unique… it…