Ecology in the 21. century

The term ecology When one says “ecology”, for the most part the first association is a clean environment, a concern for a clean environment, and some sort of fight against large pollutants of nature, whether on land or at sea. For some, of course, the first association is “nonsense” and “fabrication” that limits economic activity […]

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Paper upcycling workshops with homeless people

We all occasionally buy an ornamental item that beautifies our home and makes it warmer, dearer and more beautiful to us. Who hasn’t bought an interior decoration item at least once in their life? However, today, in the time of mass production, generic and cloned products, it is difficult to find something authentic, unique… it […]

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What kind of society we want

Our organization has defined a certain set of goals that we are planning to accomplish through various seminars & education as well as other activities that involve direct contact with society members, but also the wider audience.

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