Given our efforts to contribute to the development of local community, environmental awareness, waste reduction, waste reuse & recycle, inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, as well as their employability, we need team of people committed to these goals. Therefore, donations do not exclusively mean financial contribution, although they are important and necessary.

However, one can donate in many different ways. Donating your time is of a great value. It is perhaps

the most important form of donation. We could have spent our time any way we wanted to, but we have chosen to donate our time to certain cause.

Furthermore, we can donate different materials that can be used for the workshops and other activities that we organize. If you have some tools that you donā€™t really use, we are quite certain that we know what to do with it. In addition, as our organisation is focused on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, transportation is a challenge and difficulty for us.

So, if you own a vehicle that can accommodate 6-7 people (or more), it will certainly be of a great help to us. Moreover, if you have a van/vehicle that could occasionally be used to transport waste, materials and similar content, we would not say no to that offer. Finally, a financial donation is certainly very welcome, as each activity also entails costs that must be covered.

If you support our work, our efforts, our aims and values, and have some time, money, vehicles (and so on) to spare, you know how to find us! If you have an idea on how to support us that we fail to mention, please let us know.

To sum it up – support us and contribute in one of the following ways :

  • Financially, of course šŸ™‚
  • By donating tools that can be used in our workshops
  • By offering transportation services during waste collection activities.
  • By providing transportation services for people with physical disabilities that wish to participate in our workshops, seminars, education etc.
  • Be creative – suggest your own way :

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