Paper upcycling workshops with homeless people

We all occasionally buy an ornamental item that beautifies our home and makes it warmer, dearer and more beautiful to us. Who hasn’t bought an interior decoration item at least once in their life?

However, today, in the time of mass production, generic and cloned products, it is difficult to find something authentic, unique… it is difficult to come across an ornament or an item that tells a story. Except maybe in some antique shop.

Moreover, nowadays, as we slowly become aware of the importance of being environmentally conscious and minimizing pollution, personalized, authentic and unique items become even more relevant, especially if they are a product of anupcycling process. If, on top of this, those ornaments and items are made by vulnerable social groups, such as the homeless, senior citizens, people with special needs … the story gets an extra coating.

This is exactly what we strive to do through our workshops.

In February we have organized several paper upcycling workshops with homeless people. Promotional material/paper most often creates a pile of waste that serves nothing. With the mentorship of Rikard Rovan, the protégés of the Association Oasis and Ruže Sv. Franje (Roses of the St. Francis) in Rijeka made ornaments and other items using promotional paper material. These workshops will continue through March as well.

How do you get involved in all this? Your participation is very important. The result of the workshops will be items and ornaments made of promotional paper material that was otherwise destined to end up in a trash bin. All items can be purchased and thus support the protégés of the Association Oasis and Ruže Sv. Franje (Roses of the St. Francis). Raised funds will go directly to Association Oasis and Ruže Sv. Franje and their protégés.

So, by supporting our work and our workshops, you are contributing in the following ways:

  • You support the eco story in the background – instead of creating waste, the paper is being reused.
  • Instead of buying industrial items and decoration, you support the social story in the background.
  • You support the protégés of the shelters and motivate them to continue their creative engagement.

This is a small effort from your part that makes a huge difference for the homeless.